Have you already replaced your teeth and want to share your story?

Your Story Can Help Others on Their Dental Journey

At NewTeeth.net we believe that every smile has a story and every story is worth sharing. We're launching a brand new podcast to share the whole journey — the highs, the lows, and everything in-between. Short testimonials rarely talk about the sleepless nights, the financial juggling, or the emotional ups and downs that are a real part of the journey to your new smile... so we want to dive deep to help others who are still at the start of their teeth replacement journey.

Why Share Your Story?

  • Connect and Encourage: Help others who are on a similar journey find hope and motivation.

  • Be Heard: Let your story resonate in a community that understands the emotional rollercoaster involved.

  • End Stigma: Let's bring transparency and openness to a subject that many shy away from.

What We're Looking For

  • Before and After: Life before dental treatment and how it has changed since.

  • Challenges and Triumphs: What held you back? How did you overcome your obstacles?

  • Financial Hurdles: How you managed the cost, and any financial tips you can share.

  • Surgery and Recovery: What was it like and what do you wish you had known?

  • Your Insights: Tips, advice, or emotional support you would offer someone in a similar situation.

Note: We do ask for before-and-after images. These can be close-up shots of your smile if you want to be anonymous.

How to Share Your Story

Option 1: Be Featured on Our Brand New Podcast

  • Step 1: Fill out our brief application form below.

  • Step 2: If selected, our team will reach out to schedule a virtual video interview. If you are not comfortable being on camera, we can publish an audio-only interview instead.

  • Step 3: Share your story with us, and we'll share it online and with our community.

Option 2: Share Your Written Story

  • Step 1: Submit your written story by emailing admin@newteeth.net

  • Step 2: Attach before-and-after photos (these can be smile-only shots).

  • Step 3: Once approved, we'll publish your story on our blog!

Still Have Questions?

Contact us directly at admin@newteeth.net and we’ll happily answer any questions you have about sharing your story on our brand new podcast.

Your Story is Your Legacy

In a world where many feel alone on their dental journey, your story can be the guiding light. Become a part of our brand new podcast community today!

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